Self Care Spa Day Saturday!

Hello dear goddess,

With all of the stress, sadness, heartache, and downright upsetting news that has happened this week (or let’s be real… for far too long) I know at times it can be hard to break away. That feeling of wanting to keep up to date about what’s going on in our country and in our world, of wanting to be aware, is something I can relate to. I find myself watching the news, or going through the latest articles on my feed for so long that by the end of it, I have tears streaming down my face, and an ache in my heart from the unfairness and ugliness of it all. That, or I am just so emotionally exhausted at the state of our nation that I can’t shake it off for a large portion of my day. Maybe you can relate and maybe you have even found yourself doing the same thing as I have at one point or another. It’s not a good feeling…so this is my idea for you dear goddess. This may be something you could try today or even tomorrow, but I would like for you at some point during your weekend, to shut off the tv, put away the cellphone, and have some quality time with YOURSELF. I think it’s important to give yourself a little extra love at this time, to give your mind a little break even if it’s just for an hour. I think we all need it. And please don’t feel guilty about it. It’s things like this that will keep us sane, that will bring a little sunshine to a grey sky.

So for today, let’s have a DIY spa day! Or spa hour. Whatever suits you best. But let’s try to make this day one that uplifts your spirit and takes care of you in the most comforting way only you know how, just like you would do for a friend who was down and out.

First things first, if you’re going to have a spa day you need to make some essential things. Yes, you will have to put in a little effort here, but I promise, the reward will be worth it! I’m thinking a face mask (not the corona kind), a foot soak, and of course your favorite beverage. This could be your favorite tea or coffee (or even a glass of wine or champagne, because you’re a fabulous being and deserve it!)

So get ready to raid your fridge!


There are many beneficial ingredients you could use for a face mask that you can probably find right in your home, and I could put down so many different recipes for you to try, but today I won’t overwhelm you. I personally really like ones with honey in them as honey soothes, heals, rebalances the skin, helps the skin retain moisture, and is great for anti aging. It sounds pretty good right? So I present to you, two different honey face masks to choose from. You will want to leave your mask on for about 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off.

Honey Banana Mask

1 tablespoon of honey

1/2 banana mashed

**Bananas smoothe rough skin, hydrate, cut down on oil production, brighten, and protect against free-radicals!


Honey Blueberry Mask

1 tablespoon of honey

1/4 cup fresh blueberries mashed

Optional: 1 tablespoon ground oatmeal/oat flour

** Blueberries are powerful antioxidants, fight against free radicals, are filled with vitamin c to brighten, and their phytonutrients help prevent skin cancer!

** Oats are anti inflammatory, hydrate, and cleanse the skin!

TIP: If you don’t have blueberries try another type of berry 🙂

And if all else fails and you don’t have honey at your house for some reason, or if you are just sweating to death because your house is 100 degrees, feel free to give the old aloe and mashed cucumber mask a try. It’s super soothing, hydrating, and never lets you down! Plus, it’s cold!

Okay, so now you have your mask all made. Time to get your foot soak ready.

Relaxing Foot Soak:

Basin filled with warm water (enough to cover your feet)

1/2 cup Epsom salt

6 chamomile or lavender teabags (or other totally relaxing type of tea like Sleepy Time)

Optional: 6-10 drops of essential oil. ( Personally, I like lavender or rose oil for this.)

**If it’s too warm out and you just want to cool down, fill a basin with cool water, add 1 cup of coconut milk, and some relaxing essential oils.

Alright, your foot soak is made. Now break out your favorite mug (or glass) and fill it on up!

Now find a nice quiet spot in your house where you won’t be disturbed, light your favorite candle or incense, throw on a little spa music (Enya anyone?), place your feet in your soak, and swipe that fresh mask all over your face. And don’t forget to BREATHE DEEPLY!

Remember, this is your time to let your cares drift away. Just enjoy the moment. There’s really nothing quite like a good self pampering!

Stay healthy, be positive, be well,


P.S. I urge you to continue your relaxation and you time by reading a book, taking a bubble bath, meditating, or even napping. The possibilities are endless but I promise you, you will feel a lot better! ❤

Disconnect to Reconnect

Technology. It’s everywhere. Our lives have become dependent on it in many ways, especially now, in a way that we never saw coming. It has its pros and cons, but throughout this pandemic it has been a source of comfort for so many as it has allowed us to be able to stay connected with friends and family. It’s also been something to use to pass the time when you’re stuck in the house. How many times have you been bored and fallen into the black hole called Instagram? Or that time that you started a new Netflix show and ended up sitting on the couch for the majority of the day, only getting up for a snack? Maybe you even surfed the news articles of the day that had shown up on your google home page, and the next thing you knew two hours had passed and you’d forgotten to eat lunch. Whatever it was, I think it’s safe to say that technology can sometimes pull us away from living in the moment and just enjoying what is.

It’s important during this time to create balance in your daily life by making sure that you carve time out to step away from the cell phone, computer, or TV. Do something that makes you feel lighter and more alive. Get outside, go for a walk, enjoy the sounds of nature around you, the birds chirp chirp chirping. Feel the warm sun beating down on your face, breathe in the fresh summer air as it flows through the trees. This is one of my favorite things to do. It makes you really slow down and think about how lucky you are to be alive, to have this world. I love to do a walking meditation where I use all of my senses to really focus on everything around me. Do it next time when you are out and about. Make sure to give acknowledgement to each your five senses individually, one at a a time, and remember to breathe deeply. What do you feel, see, hear, smell, maybe even taste (a delicious ice cream perhaps?). Doing a meditation like this will bring awareness to yourself, and a new and fresh perspective and appreciation for your surroundings.

I also really enjoy making sure to move my body every day through daily exercise. Being stagnant can block energy flow, which is never good, so it’s important to connect to your body in this way. Not only will it be beneficial to your immune system and general well-being, but it does amazing things for your psyche. So get up and MOVE. YOUR. BODY! Like I said before, even something as simple as dancing around the room to your favorite music will bring you so much joy and lift your spirits. It’s also so nice to know that you are working to better yourself. You’ll come out of this quarantine healthier, stronger, and with the piece of mind that you didn’t waste away your precious time by sitting on the couch day in and day out, not doing yourself any favors. Be good to yourself!

Also, make it a point if you are living with someone to hide away the technology for awhile and just enjoy each others organic company and conversation. The last few nights Mike and I have barbecued (we picked up a new grill and it was the perfect beginning of summer investment!) and had a fire in our fire pit. It was such an amazing weekend because we spent that time just talking, and having some old fashioned fun roasting s’mores over the flames (I have to say, I am quite the pro at making fires!). Just this little change of scenery and getting away from the technology made these nights some of the best I’ve had in a long time because I was able to disconnect and really just enjoy the moment I was in. It was just me, him, and those amazing ooey gooey melty s’mores!

My brother, Jarret, and his girlfriend, Tricia, went so far as to designate daily, technology shut offs where they can’t use their phones, computers, or watch TV after a certain time every day. This ensures that they connect on a deeper level and create new memories that involve creative endeavors, such as bouncing ideas and pitches for new screenplays off of each other (my brother is an amazing writer.. Tricia is proving to be too!), cooking up the next gourmet meal together, for themselves or their dog, Ansel (once in awhile he gets four course meals served to him at the in house establishment, “Dog Restaurant”), or just having a drink or two, relaxing with some quiet conversation in their inviting backyard in Brooklyn, NYC; fairy lights and pots and pots full of blooms setting the scene for a most romantic evening. All these amazing things and not a cell phone in sight!

It’s that easy, just put the technology away and reconnect to yourself and your beautiful life. As the sun sets and your day winds down, you will feel so much better when you reflect on the days events and realize that you did so many more things that truly strengthen your heart and your mind! I hope that you get out and enjoy the fresh air today, dear goddess, then write about it! How does it feel when you can disconnect and just be? I’m going to take a guess and say that it feels pretty nice.

Breathe in that moment.

Stay healthy, be positive, be well,


New Moon New You

Good evening goddess!

Today marks the New Moon in Gemini. This is an exciting time cosmically as new moons are symbolic of new beginnings. This is your chance to really dig deep, to do some self reflecting, and maybe even decide that it’s time for a reset!

A new moon in Gemini is exciting because it is like a breath of fresh air. Since we have been living in strange times lately, it will be good to have this airy energy surrounding us. This energy will make people more open minded and ready to head down new pathways. You might find yourself itching for human contact, ready to finally reconnect with friends, or may find yourself even just opening up the lines of communication even more in your romantic or personal relationships. The biggest thing, dear Goddess, will be the urge to focus on where you want your future to go from here. You may find yourself ready to make some really big changes in your life, picking up old hobbies, or practicing self care to put yourself on a more positive trajectory as you move forward into the summer season.

This is a great time for a refresh and to reassess how you’ve been viewing or going about life day in and day out. Are there any areas you feel you need to work on? Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t? Maybe there is a goal that you keep trying to set for yourself but it just hasn’t been able to stick yet. This might be the perfect time to give it another try!

As my birthday is in less than a week, I am feeling this new moon even more. It seems only fitting that on my wellness journey, this moon would set some things into motion. I’ve really been thinking about the future, and I have already decided that despite the obstacles that have come about due to this pandemic, I am determined to make my 34th year a very special one.

I want to become more connected with my body through meditation and exercise helping me to be the healthiest I have ever been both physically and mentally. I want to take time to feed my creativity by engaging in outlets that let it flow out of me like water. I want to be calmer, be less quick to anger or get annoyed by things. I want to carve out ample amounts of time for loved ones, to make sure that our relationships only grow stronger. I want to have even more compassion for people and try to better understand those that I may not agree with. I want to be better at listening, better at communicating. I want to love deeper. Putting all of this out into the universe, and up to that new moon, I am confident that I can achieve these goals.

So dear Goddess, do you have any goals as we come into this next phase? I urge you to write them down and then when you’re ready, send your intentions out into the universe. The road ahead will be a positive one if you believe it to be. Gemini moon will help.

Stay healthy, be positive, be well,


Let That Sh*t Go

Soul Coaching Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Good evening Goddess!

How was your day today? It was another sunny day here in New Hampshire. Was it beautiful out where you are? I hope you took advantage of it if it was! I decided to pull another card for us today, and this is the one that came up. I think it is perfect advice for those starting a new chapter in their lives.

This card is all about cleansing your soul of anything that is weighing you down at this time. It is encouraging you to let go of what no longer serves you; the negative thoughts, the “I cant’s”, or the “I’m not good enoughs.” The thing is, you ARE good enough, and you CAN do it if you want it bad enough. When you let go of negativity and verbal self-sabotage, you’ll find that your heart and mind will be more open to change.

This is especially important as you begin your wellness journey. I’m going to be honest with you, if you start off with a closed mind and negative thoughts, you will find that it will be that much harder to progress. It is important to be kind to yourself, to be your own biggest cheerleader, and to recognize that when things don’t go as planned, don’t view it as a negative but rather as a challenge that is going to make you that much better!

There are many ways to help purify your energy field. One of my personal favorites is to burn sage or palo santo. If you’re feeling a little off, and can’t seem to shake it, burn either of these energy clearing natural healers to let go of the dark and bring in the light. The burning of sage originated in the Native American tribes as a way to cleanse negative energy, heal, and gain wisdom and clarity. When it’s burned it releases negative ions into the air which, in turn help to bring peace and positivity to the mind. Palo Santo has a similar effect. This wood is from the Palo Santo tree which grows in parts of Central and South America. Palo Santo means “holy wood” due to it’s spiritual significance, cleansing, and healing powers. It has been used for centuries among tribes in Central and South America during holy rituals.

When I cleanse myself or my home I like to visualize a bright white light radiating from my heart and filling my home like a bubble. I then set an intention for my cleansing, and I focus on positive thoughts and affirmations throughout the ritual. When cleansing myself, I start from my feet, and work my way up to my crown chakra. I do the same for my house, making sure to waft the smoke down and up, around doorways and corners. If it’s not too cold out, I also recommend opening up your windows to let any stagnant or stuck energy be able to dissipate.

Another way to shift your energy to a more positive state is to meditate. I’m sure you guessed this one, but it truly does work miracles for the psyche. If you haven’t really meditated before, and aren’t entirely sure where to begin, there is a plethora of videos on the internet for guided meditations that will really help you release what you don’t need and open you up to positivity. I personally like to find a quiet cozy spot in my home, close my eyes, and on each inhale, conjure up either a message of good intention or a picture of something that makes me happy, and on each exhale imagine any negative thoughts leaving my body. You will find after a meditation session that you will feel so much lighter, like a weight has been lifted off of you, and your heart will be smiling.

These are just a few strategies for soul purification but there are many other ways to de-clutter your energy field. For your Seed For Growth Exercise for tonight I would like you to write down how you release negative energy to make way for more positive energy in your own life. As always, feel free to leave a comment, as they may prove to be very beneficial to other goddesses like yourself.

Stay healthy, be positive, be well,



Tarot courtesy of Alana Fairchild’s Love Your Inner Goddess Deck.

Good evening Goddess,

This morning I decided to pull a card from one of my decks while meditating on you, dear goddess. As we are all here to gain ideas and inspiration on our wellness journey, I wanted to ask the universe for some guidance for us as we move forward toward achieving our goals. I found it very fitting that I pulled the Bright Destiny card.

This card is symbolic of letting go of preconceived notions of who you thought you needed to be in order to make way for the stronger, more vibrant true self that is just waiting to break free and spread her wings. Although there might be some confusion, a little fear, and maybe even some speed bumps along the way, you need to trust in the journey and realize that this is the process for true growth. Just know that when you come out the other side, your light will be shining brighter than ever, and just like that butterfly, your most beautiful self will be revealed!

Today I concentrated on my own journey of growth by doing a sport yoga workout. This type of yoga workout is a bit more intense using weights during many of the poses as well as incorporating some targeted strength training exercises throughout.

Although I made it a point to do my daily workout, I’m not going to lie to you, today was a hard day for me to get motivated. It took me awhile to get up the energy to do my workout when all I really wanted to do was lay on the couch and cuddle with my two cats. I felt bloated and tired and lethargic most of the day but I will admit, once I made the effort to get up off the couch and move my body, I felt much better.

Why I’m telling you this is simple, the journey isn’t always easy and it’s okay to have those days where you feel unmotivated and maybe you decide not to do anything. When this happens, don’t beat yourself up about it but just look at it as a challenge to do that much better the next day. You will find that as you get more and more involved in making the changes needed to better yourself both mentally and physically you will see it begin to get easier and your motivation will grow and grow.

I encourage you to pick up a journal to write down your thoughts and feelings during this transitional period, as I will be posting Seed For Growth Exercises at the end of each post moving forward. These exercises are made to encourage you and make you think of all the wonderful reasons you have decided to create change in your life.

Tonight I would like you to list 3 things you did today to help yourself on your wellness journey. What did you learn? How did you feel after completing them? If you don’t feel like journaling feel free to leave a comment below, great ideas are always appreciated!

Stay healthy, be positive, be well,


A Letter Of Gratitude To Her & To You, Dear Goddess

I have written and deleted, and written again, and deleted again. How can I put into words exactly how I feel, to truly express how much of an inspiration you have been, and continue to be, in my life. When someone asks me about my best friend, I immediately say you. It’s always been you. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model. You have taught me so much about love, compassion, and treating others with kindness and respect. Yours is the truest heart I have ever known, and I love you all the more for it. Always shining, your light is brighter than the sun. You are like its rays on summer day in which everyone wants to be near you, enjoying your presence, basking in your warmth. Don’t ever change. In my eyes you are perfect. Thank you for everything you have done for me throughout the years and everything you continue to do each and every day. We have shared so many beautiful memories together, we have laughed together, and sometimes cried together too, but we always lift each other up. You have made my life the greatest gift because you’re in it. Because you are my mother. I hope you have the most amazing day, and every day after this one, because you deserve only the best. I love you, I miss you, I am grateful for you, always.

So now onto you, dear goddess….

…..I wrote this letter to my mother tonight as unfortunately, I was unable to be with her today, and had so much left to say after our phone call. I hope you don’t mind me sharing, but I’m sure it can resonate with many of you. Maybe my words have brought thoughts and feelings to your mind about your own mother, or someone close to you. I know many of you have not been able to fully celebrate together today due to one circumstance or another and my heart goes out to you.

I also realize that although this is a happy day for many of you, I want to acknowledge that it may very well be a day that can be extremely hard for some of you as well. Whatever it is, embrace it. Don’t be afraid to feel those emotions, but know that many times they come from a place of love, and if not, maybe they have made you stronger, made you the goddess you are today.

If you have had a strained relationship with your mother, or maybe haven’t had a mother figure growing up, I ask you to to take a minute to meditate on another woman in your life, one that has helped you grow on your life’s journey, who has pushed you, loved you, and been there for you through thick and thin. Sometimes these woman can be just as important, if not more so. Never forget that.

Finally, as this day winds down (now 15 minutes til midnight EST) I want to take a moment to thank all of you beautiful goddesses out there who are mothers. Although I am not yet a mother myself, I have witnessed the sacrifices, the strength, the love, the care, the teachings, and some of the most special moments of motherhood through so many of the beautiful goddesses in my own life. It truly is a miracle and one of life’s greatest gifts. You are the superheroes of the world and I thank you for all that you do each and every day.

Stay healthy, be positive, be well,